Avreen. Bollywood lover. Current obsessions include Community,TVD, TMP, New Girl, B99, Elementary, PLL, BtVS, Bones, HIMYM, Orphan Black, and a billion other things.

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AsYa Song Sequences (Most of them anyway)

 get to know me meme: seven actresses ♦ anna kendrick

↳ “My anxiety over misreading that handshake-or-hug moment takes up way too much space in my brain.”


i have 3 moods for characters:

  • the ruler of my heart please step on me 
  • precious child must be protected at all costs 
  • complete trash yet ironically my favorite character

"I mean, why am I considered an ‘it girl?’ Because I’m in a lot of movies right now or am on the covers of magazines? I just hope there is something solid behind that. Because here’s the thing with ‘it girl’ status. It’s great and amazing that anybody is saying that at all. But how long does that last?"

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